About Us


There are many platforms and voices varied, information flows from every direction, imitation abounds and the culture of copying and pasting is spreading, with the absence of an elaborate industry of sober content, then the path is passable in front of fake news and targeted analyzes lacking objectivity.

And obtaining accurate information and sober news remains the goal of the enlightened group that enters the digital space, which has little time and much desire to find sober content and useful news.

In order to answer the questions that people are asking accurately and honestly …

In order not to waste the time of those entering the digital space, which is burdened with poor content industry.

We are determined to provide a distinguished news service, through a professional team of delegates and correspondents who professionally pursue events and monitor them skillfully to capture the most important among them, and communicate around the clock with a newsroom that does not stop working and produce news and reports that provide everyone who needs confirmed information and analysis. The exact … For the sake of certain information and accurate analysis, Al-Shorouk Press launched

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